Who is Galata Ministries

We work with all who share our passion to share the burden of others. These include individuals, institutions, government agents, corporations, church communities and more. We also aspire to the highest levels of best practice and accountability in all that we do.

Galata Ministries is here to show the needy that it cares about them. Giving our time and encouragement will often be more valuable than even the most generous gift. There are many people who feel hopeless. Even those who have many friends, and a loving family.

Galata Ministries serve the people in Ethiopia, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender.

About Us

Galata Ministry is a Christian based global relief, development and advocacy organization dedicated to working with communities in Ethiopia to empower and tackle the root causes of poverty and build a better future together. We are here globally to serve, show compassion, burden sharing and the will to help others.

The meaning of the word “Galata” in the Maale language and many other languages of Ethiopia is Gratitude. We chose the word being grateful for the abundance we have in Canada as the best insurance that the abundance will continue for the people of Ethiopia and specially for the villagers whom we serve.

Galata Ministry is a non-profit and denominational organization based on Christianity. Its aim is to protect the vulnerable by decreasing morbidity and mortality, alleviate suffering and enhance well-being, human dignity and quality of life. Our activities are targeted towards enabling positive outcomes for the target population through the provision of necessities, advice and mentoring about health, education, infrastructure improvement.

Long-term successful impact is sustained. empowerment of community and civil society to meet the population’s aspirations and needs, leading to an improvement in the quality of life without compromising future strategic plans.

Our Impact

Galata Ministry will deliver the services that are needed to the right people at the right time and in the right place, to play a crucial role in saving lives, and a role that can be continually improved as lessons are learned and applied. Sustainability is the fundamental of our aid in the region.

Let what you heard from the beginning abide in you. If what you heard from the beginning abides in you, then you too will abide in the Son and in the Father.

1 John 2:24

How we work

Galata Ministries’ commitment is to meet the needs of the most vulnerable people in Ethiopia, especially children and women. Its strategic focus as an organization includes providing communities with good health, education, love, protection and a place for all voices to be heard.

We work with the trusted religious leaders, community elders and with local government agents in areas where we work, especially in remote villages where government presence is limited, faith leaders and community elders can be especially helpful partners for Galata Ministries in achieving their community goals.

Paulos Gote 

Team Leader

Paulos is volunteering at Galata Ministries as an implementer of a ministries general purposes. He has years of team leadership experience. He is actively involved in his community through local volunteer work and through the Central Church of Christ in Lethbridge where he has been a Refugee Sponsorship coordinator.

Hannah Gote

Recording Secretary

Hannah planned a new approach to examine and understand caring for others in early childhood. Galata Ministries is a great place for her to start serving others as God wants her to do.

Pastor Kim Salcedo

Board Chairman

He is advising our organization to do the work of relief, development, humanitarian, and advocacy work for countries. Kim joined Galata Ministries when he moved to Lethbridge as the lead pastor of Central Church of Christ in Lethbridge, AB. Beyond his role, Kim plays a significant role in supporting our communities in Lethbridge AB.

Asegahegn Aledabo


Asegahegn was born and raised in South Omo, Ethiopia. He then came to Canada the same year he joined Galata Ministries in 2019. Asegahegn is well known by his love of people, kindness. 

Metereyes Tagasu

Board Member

Metereyes believes that God does not want us to worry about the future, but to create the future by prayer and caring for one another. Metereyes is here to serve God by serving others.

David Schmidt

Board Member

David’s mission is to encourage compassion and understanding across our globe by captivating and and inspiring a generation of empathetic people in our communities. He believes diversity should be celebrated in every village and city.

Get Involved

Being a voice for the vulnerable

Galata Ministries believe in the power of a person’s voice. It’s ability to do the impossible, battle
inequality and call for justice.

Youth Community

Galata ministries helps disadvantaged young people discover their potential and plan for their future.

Sponser A Child

Education and training equip children with essential life skills – helping them to face the future full of hope and confidence.

Corporate partnership

Galata Ministries can guide companies looking to give back to ensure donations reach the causes that mean the most to the company. 

Church Engagment

Partnering with Churches provides a great outlet for them too help share the burden of others.

Volunteer With Galta Ministries

Everyone wants to do something that matters—to really make a difference in some one’s life. But where do you start? By volunteering with Galata Ministries and putting your passion and gifts to work for people in Ethiopia.